Pet Tech Products & Trends For The Modern Dog

Pet Tech Products are here to stay and we have compiled a list of our favorite new and exciting products that you and your dog will love.

There is no denying, pet trends follow human trends. Why? Because we look at our pets as a four-legged family member. We believe in eating organic, why shouldn’t we feed our pets organic? Our kids go to daycare, why shouldn’t our dogs have the same luxury.

With how much our lives are immersed in technology, it is no doubt that it would not be long until we can expect our pet’s lives to also be.

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Just as technology has made our lives easier and brought knowledge and communication that could have never existed without it, pet tech has allowed us to live an easier life with our pets and allowed us to gain the knowledge to keep them happy and healthy. Below you will find a list of some of the newest, must-have pet tech products for the modern dog.

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Our Favorite Pet Tech Products

1. Go Dogo Mental Stimulation Game

Go Dogo is a pet tech product to make dogs use their brains. It is an intelligent and interactive training toy that lets your dog earn treats by solving challenges.

The Go Dogo has a camera that recognizes the dog’s movements and uses intelligent software to adapt the puzzles to each dog.

The app allows you to set up multiple dog profiles, track their progress, and even schedule sessions while you are away. It is an innovative way of mentally stimulating your dog when they are bored.

puppod pet tech product dog toy

3. PupPod Puzzle Toy & Video Feeder

Turn mealtime into a fun activity with this PupPod Puzzle Toy and Video Feeder. Complete with a mobile app, this is the ultimate pet tech product. Play with your dog remotely with video and reward them simultaneously!

The puzzle is based on operant conditioning and positive reinforcement and uses those learning theories to help you train your pet regardless if you are home or away. Keep your pet entertained on a rainy day to prevent destructive behaviors or turn mealtime into an activity.

2. SwiftPaws- Capture The Flag Course

The SwiftPaws Home Original remote-control toy for dogs gives your dog the mental and physical enrichment it needs. With built-in safety stall features, this chaser dog toy is great for all skill levels and does not require training.

The dog-run toy can create remote control-operated courses up to 300 feet. It is easy to set up and will help unleash your dog’s natural instinct to chase and lets you have fun with your dog as you help them stay physically and mentally fit.

Just watch this video and you will know your dog would love this pet tech product!

Watch How the SwiftPaws Capture The Flag Course Works
embark health pet tech product

3. Embark Dog DNA Test Breed & Health Kit

Embark has taken Dog DNA Test to the next level. Now, in addition to decoding your dog’s breeds through their DNA and having the ability to discover your pup’s relatives, they are also screening for health risks and providing hundreds of actionable insights.

Embark’s panel tests 230+ health risks or a carrier for a genetic health condition. Can you imagine having the ability to know your dog’s unique health needs? The extensive health testing offers peace of min. Knowing a pet’s potential for illness allows us to prepare and potentially mitigate the condition.

5. Whistle GO Explore GPS + Health + Fitness Dog Tracker

Know and adventure more with Whistle go explore. Always know where they are- and how they are. Whistle go explore monitors your pet’s location and health for total peace of mind.
Just attach it to your pet’s collar, and customize the Whistle app to send alerts and insights to key people in your pack.

Get location alerts and pinpoint your pet’s location with live tracking, and GPS location alerts. Keep your pet’s fitness on track with custom goal settings.

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