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Our Mission

Wagging Right was founded in 2021, with a mission to assist in educating parents and children on the importance of pet safety and responsible pet ownership.

Owning a pet is no small task. By bringing these furry friends into your life, you’re vowing to take care of them to the best of your ability! This means ensuring they’re up to par with training, behavior and leading a comfortable life. 

We are a pet training and education resource for families. Our services offer families and their pets the opportunity to build healthy, safe relationships with a foundation of trust, respect and confidence.

Did You Know?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA), and Journal of Pediatrics:

  • The highest rate of dog bites is in children under the age of 9.
  • Approximately 4.7 million dog bites every year in the U.S. 
  • 1 in 73 people will be bit by a dog.
  • A vast majority of biting dogs (77%) belong to the victim’s family or friends.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency room visits associated with dog bites increased 300%.

These are concerning statistics! It’s crucial we keep our family, children and loved ones safe, while keeping our four-legged friends well-behaved and trained correctly. That’s where Wagging Right is here to help.

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Founder’s Story

Wagging Right founder Kelly Cancelmo has been deeply passionate over the last 18 years about working with pets and their families to achieve safety, happiness, great behavior, and teaching kids about pet safety. She is a CPDT-KA Certified Dog Trainer and Certified Canine Nutritionist

In 1987, when she was just 6 years old, Kelly was bitten by the family’s adopted yellow lab mix named Fred. The bite wasn’t small – tearing a hole in her cheek, bottom lip nearly missing from her face and covered in blood, she was rushed to the hospital by her family and underwent surgery at Paoli Memorial Hospital. 

30 years later, she’s faced her fears head-on. She became a Certified Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Canine Nutritionist. As a pet industry professional, she specializes in working with bully breeds, dog reactivity, as well as canine aggression. She’s a proud pitbull owner and has owned many large breeds over the years, particularly Mastiffs. 

After having her sons and growing concern over their own safety and wellness (especially with them often meeting clients’ dogs during her work as a trainer), Kelly knew the importance of teaching her own kids about pet safety and responsible pet ownership. This soon stemmed into a growing business idea of teaching families these same safety skills and techniques when connecting with their pets.

How We Help

With the rise of the pandemic and pet adoption, it’s essential to train our dogs properly and our families, too. Parents need to understand the importance of ensuring their child’s respectful behavior to the dog, and kids need to know how to be “dog safe” and responsible pet owners themselves. 

As a professional dog trainer, Kelly knows that even the most well-trained dog can be pushed into situations where they feel the need to protect themselves, and strives to share this lesson with her clients. Education in pet safety and responsible pet ownership has the potential of leading to a respectful, loving and kind relationship with our pets. 

When she’s not working with valuable clients, furthering her knowledge and education of pets, and learning the best ways to treat our pets (and for them to treat us!) Kelly is busy being a mom of two and a wife. She’s proud of her story and not ever letting her scars be an obstacle. A college graduate, MBA holder from a top school, wife to the man of her dreams, and mother to 2 incredible boys, she truly knows how to live life to the fullest. She believes in the ideology “Happy Pets, Happy Family, Happy Home.”

Online Courses

COMING SOON! Our new online courses will be available soon for parents to help ensure their kids are educated. Have fun while learning. Help them avoid becoming a stat.

Educational Resources

Check out these free resources for parents, educators, and trainers to use to help teach dog bite prevention, pet safety, and responsible pet ownership.

Parents Get Informed

Why are pet safety and responsible pet ownership so important? Learn the facts here. It is crucial we keep our family and pets safe!

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