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Customer testimonials

Meet Dash: Our Family Dog that Almost Wasn’t

Dash Testimonial

We rescued Dash into our home during the 2020 pandemic as a beautiful 8-week old hound mix.  We weren’t surprised he was a lot of work, as all puppies are, but we soon found out the “work” was more than we were capable of doing.  Dash began showing signs of extreme anxiousness and sometimes fear aggression.  He would occasionally challenge our 3 young children, and a few times even made small snaps towards them.  We weren’t overly concerned, but also knew he needed some training. 

At about 5 months old, we took Dash to a well-respected training facility … and to our shocking surprise, during the first visit they recommended we re-home him.   They saw him snap at our daughter and determined he wasn’t safe in a home with children. 

Devastated and confused, we weren’t sure what to do next.  So we decided to get a second opinion before making any decisions.  Thankfully, that second opinion was Kelly’s.

Kelly came to our home and was instantly able to “read” Dash.  She picked up on his cues and was able to explain to us why he would display certain behaviors and how we can train him to modify them.  She started by helping us create “hierarchy” in the house, so Dash knew his place with the kids.  She continued on to teach him impulse control, effective recall, and how to “check in” with us in moments of fear before he becomes triggered and acts out.  Anything we needed help with, Kelly had an answer that after she left always had us saying “it makes complete sense.”

If you need help with your dog, we could not possibly recommend Kelly Cancelmo and her team any higher.  Kelly was able to work miracles with Dash, and we’re sure she could help you in a similar way.  Not only are her methods both simple and highly effective, she’s also personable and incredibly easy to work with.  She’s become what you’d consider a family friend (that also happens to know everything there is to know about dogs!).  Whether you are in an extreme situation like we were, or you just need a more obedient dog that can be a happier and more loving member of the family, start with Kelly!

The Prosser Family (Nate, Katilin, Lily, Avery, Miles … and thanks to Kelly, Dash)

Finn Ballato– And Superstar Trainer, 4 year old Emma

Finn Testimonial
After over a decade of training with various types of trainers (6 dogs of various breeds) and working with Kelly on our electronic fence systems, I discovered that she also offered training classes specifically geared towards families with children. I was thrilled!

The program was even more than I expected and with the help and guidance of Kelly and her program, we’ve had very few issues since bringing home our puppy. She taught the kids (and us) how to properly interact with a dog as well as how to prevent issues (biting, chasing, herding).

“Criss cross like a boss” has been absolutely HUGE for us having a herding/retriever mix – it really works. She helped me (the primary handler) learn how to teach both my kids and my puppy so that I could facilitate relationships and success all around.

Working intensely initially on impulse control and attention has enabled me to have a level of control and bond I’ve not had previously. If you ask my 3 yo how to kiss a dog, she will quickly blow a kiss!

We’ve developed strong, healthy boundaries while preventing incidents and fear and I couldn’t be more grateful. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I highly recommend Kelly and all her services.
Emma 4 year Dog Training Superstar

Prince Leopard- Zoom Allstar!


If you’re looking for a trustworthy trainer, Kelly is for you and your fur-baby. As a first-time dog owner, I really didn’t know where to start, but Kelly has made the whole training process so much easier.

From basic training and tricks to nutrition to preparing for our first flight (5 and a half hours each way), she does it all. She’s even helped me pre-diagnose symptoms like Kennel Cough and skin allergies (always advised to see my actual vet, of course).

You can tell she’s really passionate about your dog’s well-being because she’s done very specific research for me like supplements, grain-free diets, raw food diets, and diets specific to my dog’s breed. Not to mention she’s done all of this virtually as we live in San Francisco. Especially given the virtual environment, the key component to our success has been my continued training with my pup every day.

It’s been an awesome experience for us as the training has really paid off and I’ve seen received several compliments on how well behaved my now-9-month-old pup is. I couldn’t have done it without Kelly!

Libby Seltzer- Goldendoodle

Kelly was such a wonderful trainer to work with! She went above and beyond to help us train our new puppy. Her tips and tricks were incredibly successful and her ability to understand dogs and teach us was very helpful!

She was also great with our kids- helping them understand the “wants” and “needs” of a new puppy. Would highly recommend her as a trainer!

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