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Wagging Right Resource List

Wagging Right wants to provide as many resources as possible to dog owners across the nation in order to help them build healthy, safe relationships with a foundation of trust, respect, and confidence.

wagging right resources
Canine health and wellbeing
Canine Nutrition
Homemade Dog Food Recipes
Dog Training Resources
kids and pet safety
Dog Bite Prevention
Dog diets
favorite pet products
Family Dog Resources
new puppy parents
canine supplements
Behavior Modification
canine enrichment
responsible pet ownership
pet safety products
Summer Pet Safety Tips
Pet Tech Products
wagging right boarding

Resources For All Dog Owners

resource blog

Wagging Right Blog

Find great information and articles regarding your pet’s health, training, and safety. Check back often or subscribe to our mailing list!

products resource

Recommended Products

We have generated a list of the top products that are trainer approved and that we recommend on a consistent basis to our clients.

resource for dog owners best toys

Best Interactive Dog Toys

Check out our list of most recommended interactive dog toys. Interactive dog toys stimulate your dog’s mind and distract them from unwanted behaviors.

canine coach resource for dog owners

Canine Coach Form

Interested in getting started? Fill out our Canine Coach Form so that we can spend our first session on training rather than wasting time collecting the basic info.

Resources For Kids & Pets

kid dog trainers resource

Child Superstar Trainers

Watch some of our kids doing training with their pets. They are calm, cool, and collected as they give commands to their pets. Can your kids do that?

kids and dogs resources

Kid & Dog Interactions

Kids need to know how to interact with dogs appropriately as well as how not to interact with dogs. Check out some great resources to help your kids.

resource for learning canine body language

Canine Body Language

A crucial part of developing a relationship with your pet is learning to communicate. Dogs use body language and we will help you learn to translate it.

resource for dog owners w kids

How to Greet A Dog

Help your children understand how to properly greet a dog. And remember this is important not only for their own dog but for strange dogs as well.

Coming soon!!!!!! Coming soon will be our on-demand courses. These courses will include training courses as well as our Pet Safety & Responsible Pet Ownership course for kids. These are both great resources for dog owners who do not have the time or the availability to commit to either in-person or virtual training sessions and would prefer to do training on their own time and at their own pace. Check back soon to learn more.

Want to Start Training?

Whether it is just for you and your dog or for the whole family, get started today with one of our training services.

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