Remote Dog Training and Nutrition Sessions


Remote Private Dog Training & Nutrition Consultation Sessions

If Covid taught us anything, it taught us we can do it all remotely. Remote dog training and nutrition consultations are no different. We don’t need to be physically in your living room to be able to help you meet the training goals you have for your dog.

Using a virtual platform such as Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet Up, we can coach you virtually through a customized dog training plan.

Our Remote Private Training Sessions are available for our Dog Training Services, our Kid Pet Safety & Responsible Pet Ownership Certification, as well as our Nutrition Counseling Services.

So matter where you live, or what is going on in the world, we have your back.

To schedule your consultation, contact us today.

remote private training and consultations

Single Session

Do you have specific questions or behaviors you want to be analyzed? Are you looking for someone to help find the right pet for you? Or are you a new puppy parent looking to get advice on how to prepare? We can help you with a single initial consultation. Are single sessions are one hour and are great to get an overview of the behavior of guidance on a single topic.

Single Session Price – $99

3 Session Package

Our three(3x) One-Hour session package is perfect for new puppy parents looking to start off on the right foot. We will cover the basic puppy training to get you started right. We welcome families and have a specific training session for kids when applicable. The three-session package is also perfect for those who have one or two specific behaviors you would like help with.

3 Session Package Price- $250

5 Session Package

The 5 session training package provides you with a full puppy class. All the fundamentals, plus a kid-focused session. It is all perfect for more advanced behavior modification training. This package is perfect for dogs with resource guarding, reactivity, or aggression problems or pet owners looking for advanced manners training.

5 Session Package Price- $375

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