Kids and Dogs: How They Should Properly Interact

Kids need to understand how to interact with dogs politely and respectfully. They should also be taught how NOT to interact with dogs. Children do not naturally understand that pets are not toys, siblings, or friends and that they cannot treat them as such. When children are not taught how to appropriately interact with dogs, they are being put at risk of becoming one of 77% of children who are bitten by a dog they know.

Remember to supervise all interactions with kids and dogs. Accidents can happen in a split second.

Wagging Right is here to help you educate your children and make sure they are familiar with what it means to be a responsible pet owner. Please contact us for more information on our Kid Pet Safety & Responsible Pet Ownership Certification Courses or visit our blog for more free resources.

Your kids can learn how to not only interact with dogs properly but become an advocate for their dog and have fun while doing it. Visit our Child Superstar Dog Trainers page for videos from some of our graduates!

kids and dogs training

Key Takeaways:

  • Use common sense
  • Be polite and kind to pets
  • Learn to recognize when your dog is scared or anxious
  • Play appropriate games with pets, such as fetch, walking, tick training, hide-n-seek
  • Supervise all interactions. Accidents can happen in a split second
  • Train your dog to associate the kids with positive experienxes so he’ll be more likely to tolerate your child in case she accidently interacts inappropriately

Find other free and downloadable resources here. You can also schedule to work with one of our trainers offering pet safety and responsible pet ownership training, either virtually, or for those pet owners who live in Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County in Pennsylvania or Wilmington, Delaware, we also offer private in-home education and training.

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