Wagging Right Dog Training

In-Home Private Dog Training

Our in-home private dog training is available to pet owners in the Philadelphia suburbs.

At Wagging Right, we believe that the most effective training is done in the comfort of your home and with your entire family.

We work with your family in your home (or on-site at other locations based on your training plan) to assist you in the training plan required to meet your goals.

We find it important to include the whole family and have specialized working with kids to keep them involved, interested, safe, and having fun.

Whether you’re looking for help with obedience and manners, or curbing unwanted behaviors such as jumping or barking, we are at your home to help.

We offer an initial consultation (or single training session) of one hour for $199 or your can start with one of our training packages.

In-Home Dog Training Packages

3 Session Training Package

Our 3 session training package is perfect if you have a specific behavior or training need you are looking to address. Also great for learning fundamentals or for family education on pet safety. It includes 3 (1.0 hour) sessions.

Recommended For:

  • Family Puppy Prep Class
  • Foundation Fundamentals
  • Potty Training
  • Basic Manners
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Jumping, Mouthing, Barking

Cost: $550

5 Session Training Package

This is a great option for first-time pet owners, regardless of the pet’s age. It is the perfect amount of sessions for mild to moderate behavior issues or for more intense manners training. It includes 5 (1.0 hour) sessions.

Recommended For:

  • New Puppy Parents
  • First Time Dog Owners
  • Adolescent Dogs
  • Mild to Moderate Unwanted Behaviors
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Reliable Recall

Cost: $899

8 Session Training Package

This is the ideal choice for owners who are looking for complete obedience from start to finish or other advanced training and behavior work, including aggression and resource guarding. It includes 8 (1.0 hour) sessions.

Recommended For:

  • Proofing Commands Outdoors
  • Off Location Obedience
  • High-Distraction Obedience
  • Fear and/or Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Multi-Dog Homes

Cost: $1399

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