How To Greet A Dog

Learn How to Greet A Dog- The Right Way!

How you greet a dog matter considerably more than one may think. You would think it would be common sense, but it is not. Would you walk right up to a stranger and start hugging or petting him? Nope. So why would we want to do that to a dog? It can be scary to a dog, just like it would be scary if it were to happen to us.

So how should we greet a dog the right way?

  1. Stand a safe distance away so that you are not a threat. Avoid reaching towards them. Dont try to lure them to you with food.
  2. Approach slowly (at a relaxed walk). Always avoid running to or away from a dog.
  3. Ask if you can interact first. You should ask not only the owner but the dog. By learning dog body language you will be able to tell if the dog is inviting you to say hello or would perfer to keep some distance.
  4. Approach Sideways and look using your peripheral vision. Looking a dog in the eyes can be threatening to some dogs.
  5. Stay outside of the dog’s bubble and present your side to the dog.
  6. Let the dog approach at his own rate.
  7. It’s okay to pet the dog if he looks relaxed, comes up to you, and solicits your attention by rubbing up against you. AND if you asked the owner and they said it was okay.
  8. Pet gently. Soft touch, not too much.
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How to Greet A Dog (and What to Avoid) is a great chart that shows the comparison if we as humans greeted other humans in the same way that we sometimes great dogs.

Use this chart to help to teach your children about Pet Safety & Responsible Pet Ownership. Visit our other useful resources for kids and pets and help teach your children in a fun and effective way!

How to greet a dog and what to not do

COMING SOON!!! Wagging Right Pet Safety & Responsible Pet Ownership For Kids Course.

Kids can learn how to love their dogs the right way. What to do around dogs you know as well as dogs they don’t know and how to read canine body language. Come back soon!

This image is courtesy of Dr. Sophia Yin and Cattle Dog Publishing.

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