Pet Safety For Kids Resources

Here are some FREE Resources on Pet Safety and Responsible Pet Ownership for kids.

Pet safety for kids is the foundation Wagging Right was built on. Founded in 2021, with a mission to assist in educating parents and children on the importance of pet safety and responsible pet ownership, Wagging Right works to assist you in having a lifetime of happiness with your pet and ensuring a parent’s worst nightmare of getting a dog, does not ever happen, the dreaded “dog bite my kid” nightmare. It just doesn’t need to happen, and a little education is all it takes.

You can download these free pdf resources for kids. To learn more about our Kid Pet Safety and Responsible Pet Ownership Certification please contact us.

Other Pet Safety For Kids Resources We Reccomend

Child Dog Bite Statistics

CDC on Dogs

Child SuperStart Pet Trainers

Doggie Language

pet safety for kids

Remember the key to child pet safety is really SUPERVISION. As a mother myself, I know that is not always possible, so here are some helpful tips for when you just can’t do it all.

  • When supervision is not possible, put the dog in his crate with a stuffed kong. Do not feel guilty, they will enjoy a break as well.
  • Use baby gates to give the dog their own area, yet still allow them to see the family. This is great idea for dogs who have separation anxiety.
  • Make sure your dogs have a “kid-free zone” this may be their bed, their crate, or some other area of the house that they know is just for them. This allows them a place to escape if they have had enough.
  • Teach your kids how we tell dogs we love them, by blowing kisses, not by giving hugs.

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