Dog Body Language- How To Read Fear

Reading Dog Body Language is an important aspect of learning Pet Safety and Responsible Pet Ownership.

Dogs will tell us when they are happy, playful, anxious, or fearful, they just do not communicate in words as we do. They communicate with us using their body language. Learning to communicate with your dog by reading their dog body language will bring balance and harmony to your relationship.

One of the most important aspects for children to learn in regards to dog body language is when a dog is trying to tell us they are fearful or anxious.

This Body Language of Fear in Dogs Chart is a great way for kids, and adults, to learn how dogs try to let us know when they are fearful and when to give them the space they are asking for.

While it might be obvious in some dogs that they are fearful, in other dogs the signs are far more subtle. If you are unaware of those signs, they can be easily missed, and you or your children may cause the dog to react if their fear or anxiety continues to escalate. Learn the more subtle signs of dog body language that indicate the dog is fearful or has anxiety. One of the signs below, on its own, may not mean the dog has anxiety or fear. You need to consider the whole dog and if it is showing more than one sign.

COMING SOON!!!! is our full course to help teach your kids, in a fun and effective way, how to interpret body language in their dogs and others, to ensure they stay safe around dogs they know and dogs they don’t know. We will also teach them how to act around dogs and the dos and don’ts.

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