Your Child Can Be A Superstar Dog Trainer Too!

child superstar dog trainers

Your kids have been begging you for this moment, the moment you bring home your new puppy, and they are SO excited!!! The puppy is adorable and they want to play with the puppy non-stop.

At first, everything is going great, it’s fun, the kids want to take the puppy everywhere, and everyone is smiling. But wait…. Soon this adorable puppy becomes a “devil dog” who won’t stop chasing them, jumping up on them, and biting at their pants.

The kids are crying because those sharp little puppy teeth hurt like hell. You wonder why you even got the dog? The kids won’t get off the counters because they are afraid of the dog. There is no more fun or joy.

It doesn’t need to be this way. And guess what? Having someone train your new puppy, probably won’t help either.

What you need is someone who can help you not only train your new puppy but also help teach your kids how to remain cool and collective around their new fur sibling. Kids need to learn how to respect their puppies space, act as a leader, all while still being able to have fun with the pup.

Check out these child superstar dog trainers! Your kids can be a superstar too!

Emma 2 year Dog Training Superstar

Emma- Age 2

Watch 2-year-old Emma’s cool and collective come command with Finn who is only 6 months old!

Kid Dog Training With Dash

Wesley – Age 4

Wesley, age 4, giving the place command to 2-year-old Dash.

2 year old training dog to place

Finn – Age 2

Finn, age 2, commanding 2-year-old hound dog, Dash to “bed”.

Your Kids Can Become Child Superstart Dog Trainers Too!

That is where Wagging Right steps in. Wagging Right’s family-focused dog training will bring the fun back into having a puppy! Your kids can become child superstar dog trainers as well!

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