Canine Nutrition

canine nutrition service

Nutritional Counseling

Wagging Right offers canine nutrition counseling, virtually, for all pet owners as well as in-person for pet owners in Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, PA, as well as in Wilmington, DE.

Just like humans, pets require a consistent, balanced diet to maintain a healthy body. Wagging Right’s nutritionist, Kelly Cancelmo, will assist you in finding the best diet for your pet’s needs and provide a plan for their food and any supplemental intake that is within your budget.

We can help you choose the right diet for your pet based on their canine nutritional needs and any or all of the following:

  • Diets based on breed, age, and lifestyle
  • Food allergies
  • Longterm illness or disease
  • Supplementation for optimal health
  • Balanced home-cooked diets
  • Analysis of current feeding program
  • CBD supplementation

Canine Nutrition Certification

Kelly Cancelmo, Certified Canine Nutritionist, received her Certification in Canine Nutrition from the International College of Canine Studies and has been practicing since 2016. This program was instructed by Dr. Ava Frick, DVM, President of Integrative Veterinary Education. Learn more about Dr. Frick and her Life Extend Methods.

Visit our blog often for information and advice on canine nutrition or scheduling a consultation today. The initial consultation is $150.

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