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Board and Train Service

let us handle the training for you

Looking to find a place that will board your dog and train while they are there?

Look no further. Wagging Right offers a Board & Train service that has your pet living in the home of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Let us handle the dog training for you, and when your training is complete, we will transfer to you, all the skills you need to continue in the success of your pet.

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How Our Board & Train Works

We will take your dog into the homes of one of our Certified Professional Dog Trainers and they will become one of the family for anywhere from one to four weeks. During this time they will receive customized training based on their needs as well as yours. They will become fully immersed in a structured, training-centered environment, with the ability, when appropriate, to further socialize in a family-friendly environment.

We take puppies straight from the breeder and do the training right from the beginning or adult dogs who need to learn their manners and everything in between. We only take a small number of dogs at a time to ensure their safety and training goals are met. Dogs who have been through our Board and Train, are offered the ability for future boarding in a trainer home as well. The program offers a stay period from 1 week to 1 month and is suitable for dogs of all ages (subject to meeting our vaccine and fecal record requirements).

Once the Board and Train is complete, we will perform a follow-up session with your family, in which we will review all your dog has learned and how to maintain their training in a one-hour session.

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